about my work

His compositorial activities are focused on chamber opera, vocal music and chamber music. Important his long standing cooperation with the Ensemble Phorminx and the Ensemble Pegnitzschäfer-Klangkonzepte Nuernberg.

During his studies at Cologne he got important stimulations by taking part in "Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte“ at Montepulciano/Italy. A festival initiated by Hans Werner Henze. For this occasion he composed the concertino LA FURIA for violin and percussion as a first approach to Jazz. It was performed worldwide by violinists like Jenny Abel, Isabelle Faust or János Négyesy. Later musical border crossings from within the idiom of contemporary music took place frequently like 2004 Both Sides for two pianos (Duo Manz/Plagge).

Inspired by his stay in Taiwan in the early nineties an later by his contact with the "CrossSound Festival" in Juneau/Alaska in 2000 he started his engagement with asian music and its instruments. He wrote a concert for erhu, koto and chamber orchestra and further chamber music for Gayagûm, Changgu, Daegûm and Koto.
During his residence from 1989 till 1992 beside his interest on casein art the myth of Argonauts came into focus of his projects. "Jason and Medea" were regarded in the conflict of cultures. In this time he created several compositions to this subject:
Jason-Studie 1991, Jason-Essay 1993 and in 1995 the chamber opera Jason und Medea/Schwarz überwölbt Rot , first performance Nürnberg 1996.

The problem of disappearing - a worldwide phenomena of the capitalistically oriented western sphere - became an important subject since 1995. Compositions like
rooms/räume 1997/98, labili arti 2001, inbilderzerfliessend 2003, Colori di dissidio 2004 are different facets of this subject matter. He intensified his engagement with asian instruments again by the collaboration with the AsianArt Ensemble Berlin. The result were two compositions, 2010 Approximation und 2016 Cantico. The composition Wiese und Aether 2012 reflects about the conflict between human and nature in the light of texts of Hölderlin, Ovid and Flusser. In 2013 he finished after eight years working the cycle voces - fragmentos de mis dias after texts of the Argentinian poet Antonio Porchia. In 2013 his cantata My name is Anne Frank (Text by Alexander Gruber) was performed in Nürnberg by the youngChoir Nürnberg and the extended version got performed by the choir and orchestra of the Berkley Highschool/Farmington in collaboration with the Holocaust Memorial Center in Detroit (USA). During a long-term project about Verdun in 2014 together with the writer Otto Winzen (Frankfurt/Germany) he formed a trilogy against the oblivion by text, music (cycle altri pensieri for Violoncello) and photographs. 2017/2018 he composed his cycle Drei Farben (three colours) for French Horn and Violoncello as a musical reflection about the cultural history of colours dedicated to Wilfried Krüger, the director of the ensembles Pegnitzschäfer-Klangkonzepte Nürnberg. In 2018 his fourth chamber opera Pontormos Schatten (Pontormo´s Shadow, first perf. 2019 Reutlingen) as a scenic metaphor about the social responsibility of art. In 2019 Mein Gesicht, Dein Gesicht, text by Otto Winzen, a biographical review and prospects full of facets for vocals and ensemble. In 2023, commissioned by the Neue Pegnitzschäfer Nuremberg, the men die stones - Threnody, in memory of the fourteen homosexual victims of the Nazis in Nuremberg, for soloists, speaker, choir and large ensemble, text by Klaus Missbach, idea Wilfried Krüger. UA on the Zeppelin Grandstand of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg.

In the meanwhile his works are produced on more than 17 CDs, last in 2022 on his CD-Portrait