Volker Blumenthaler - composer




Volker Blumenthaler, born 1951 in Mannheim/Germany.

  • studies in cello ( with Hans Adomeit, Wolfgang Mehlhorn und Johannes Goritzki), composition (with Hans Vogt and Jürg Baur) and musical theory at Mannheim and Cologne,
  • 1979-87 part-time lecture-ship for music theory at the Academy of Music Rhineland/Cologne,
  • 1989/90 guest lectures at the National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu/Taiwan
  • from 1992 to now teacher for composition and musical theory at the Nuremberg-Augsburg School of Music (Hochschule fuer Musik Nuernberg-Augsburg), since 2014 Professor in music theory and composition
  • since 1993 also regular activities as author of broadcast-features for "Commentaries on New Music" ( SWF Baden-Baden )
  • 1994/95 workshops for analysis and composition at the National Institut of the Arts in Taipei/Taiwan
  • 1997 guest lecture at the Harvard University in Cambridge/USA (about the chamber opera Jason and Medea / Black enshrouds Red )
  • 2011 Taipei/Taiwan-TMC International Music Camp-workshop and lecture
  • 2013 John Donald Robb Composers' Symposium "Music and Movement"
    University of New Mexico, workshop and lecture
  • 2014 professor for music theorie and composition
    at the university of music Nuernberg
  • 2016 retirement, intensified activities as composer, cellist and fotographer,
    freelancer as composer, fotographer and publicist


  • 1977 and 1982 invited by Hans Werner Henze to take part in the festival "cantiere internazionale d´arte" in Montepulciano/Italy
  • 1979 Gulbankian Foundation for the "International Course for Professional Choreographers and Composers" in Guildford/England
  • 1979-83 composer in residence/studio of the Brahms-Foundation Baden-Baden
  • 1982 German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome/Italy
  • 1987 Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann scholarship of the City of Cologne


Concerts/Festivals/Projekts ( selection )

  • 1985
    musical portrait during the exhibiton of Villa Massimo/Rome in Kassel/Germany,
    composing project with Hans Werner Henze in Deutschlandberg/Austria
  • 1986
    exchange concert Cologne - Amsterdam,
    "Musikalische Sprachräume" Academie of the Arts Berlin,
    festival "Active Music" Dortmund/Germany
  • 1990
    performances with the compositon lovers maze in USA
    (New Orleans, Chicago, New York)
  • 1991
    Henze-Festival Hamburg/Germany,
    festival for New Music "Made in Leiden" Leiden/Netherlands
  • 1993
    performances in Australia with the Dutch Duo Contemporain
  • 1994
    project "Response" Frankfurt/Gerrnany
  • 1995
    festival Mayo Musical Murcia/Spain
  • 1996
    Six-Days-Opera III Nuremberg/Germany,
    FACETTEN ´96 cultural weeks in Meerbusch/Germany
  • 1997
    Bavarian Days of Music Kracow/Poland,
    musical portait Goethe-Institute of Boston/USA,
    II Encontro Brasileiro de Clarinetistas, Univeridade de Brasilia/Brasilien,
    MUSICA NUOVA FESTIVAL Senigallia/Italy
  • 1994/98
    invited to the "International Vacation Course of New Music" in Darmstadt/Germany.
  • 1999
    Internationales Pianoforum ...antasten... Heilbronn,Germany
  • 2000
    Festival Juneau-Alaska/USA,
    "The Singing Garden" Leiden/Netherlands,
    Symposion Myriam Marbe Nuremberg/Germany
  • 2001
    change/exchange - ¿Orpheus?
    project between New York University and
    Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg
  • 2002
    TAGE NEUER MUSIK Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg
  • 2003
    Project BLASPHEMIE - Hannoversche Gesellschaft für Neue Musik and Ensemble Phorminx,
    exchange concert between Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg and the Academy of Music Krakau/Poland,
    Opera Late Night Staatstheater Nürnberg "Crosssound"
  • 2004
    "Rituals and their abstraction in contemporary music" - project with the Ensemble Phorminx and the Cusanus-Werk (Münster, Frantz-Hitze-Haus)
    CD 2x2 in cooperation with the composer Cord Meijering
  • 2005
    Music for the APOCALYPSE-cycle of Max Beckmann - project with the Ensemble Phorminx,
    BOTH SIDES (Contemporary Music and Jazz) - TAGE NEUER MUSIK of "Hochschule für Musik Nuernberg"
    Seoul/Korea: composition project with Il-Ryun Chung and Cord Meijering, poetry of Korean poets
  • 2006
  • 2007
    LAUTER FARBEN - music and dance for Japanese poems from the 10th century till now (Tage Aktueller Musik Nuernberg)
  • 2008
    HENZE-PROJECT Hochschule für Musik Nuernberg in cooperation with the Academy für Tonkunst Darmstadt
  • 2009
    book and CD - APOCALYPSE cycle of Max Beckmann
  • 2010
    LABILI ARTI - CD (telos)
  • 2011
    concerts and CD-project with the AsianArtEnsemble Berlin,
    Taipei/Taiwan-TMC International Music Camp-workshop and lecture
  • 2012
    CD and concerts with the AsianArtEnsemble Berlin
  • 2012/2013
    Romanfabrik Frankfurt, Musical Dialogues
  • 2013
    John Donald Robb Composers' Symposium Music and Movement
    University of New Mexico;
    Aktuelle Musik 013, Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg: fairy tales - operas;
    Anne-Frank-Cantata (Nürnberg and Detroit/USA)
  • 2014
    literary project with Otto Winzen Ein Piano im Garten : photographies of Verdun and music: altri pensieri (3 pieces for Violoncello Solo)
  • 2015 p
    perfomances of early colours with solists of Ensemble Phorminx and the Art Avenue Company Corporation Ensemble (Daegu/Korea) in Korea, Italy and Germany
    complete version of the chamber opera ...war ein eigensinnig Kind! performed by Kammeroper Reutlingen.
  • 2016
    Festival Aktuelle Musik, Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg,
    labili arti - carte blanche Volker Blumenthaler and AsianArtEnsemble Berlin,
    Erlangen unerhörte Musik with Ensemble Phorminx
    literary project with Otto Winzen: photografies for Camilla auf meinen Füssen
    MundoNet Publishers Frankfurt
    ...war ein eigensinnig Kind! performed in Tübingen and Nürnberg.
  • 2017
    literary project with Otto Winzen: photografies for Luther / Luther?
    MundoNet Publishers Frankfurt

    Nuernberg-Leiden: Lover´s Maze - compositions of Burkhardt Soell and Volker Blumenthaler for soprano, piano and violoncello
    Berlin: TURBULENZEN-international festival for current intercultural music
  • 2018
    literary project with Otto Winzen: photografies for
    Versuch, seinen Autor zu treffen
    MundoNet Publishers Berlin
    Trio Schattengeburt in Münster, Rheine, Vreden, Darmstadt und Tübingen performed by Ensemble Phorminx,
  • 2019
    Kammeroper Reutlingen: UA Pontormos Schatten chamber opera;
    literary project with Otto Winzen: photografies for Ein Haus in Berlin
    MundoNet Publishers Berlin
    Exhibition: Galerij Amber - Leiden NL, Le jardin garde le sourire (5 photos)


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