Volker Blumenthaler

Intermezzo for cello solo

from Glasnacht - notturnos
for soprano, flute, guitar, cello and percussion 1982

The composition Glasnacht ("glas night" or transparent night in a figurative sense) was written in 1982 during my stay at the German academy Villa Massimo/Rome. The subject of the short poems of the young German poet Otto Winzen is to speak about the roots of fascism which lead in our present days.

For me it was interesting that the Villa Massimo was nearby the Villa Torlonia, where Mussolini has lived in Rome. The quarter, where the German academy is placed, was the headquarters of the new Italian Fascist party in that time. At the same time the Fascist militaries of Argentina tried to occupy the Falkland Islands. So my plan to compose those texts became a thrilling and actual reality.

The short "Intermezzo" out of the cycle is a very personal reflection on the theme.